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Cernunnos Motor Cycle Club is a pagan-orientated motor bike club that was formed in 1996 by a small band of people with a number of common interests: two of these interests are biking & having a good time.

On this website is a comprehensive biker party and rallies guide; there are links to other bike clubs, MCCs, MCs, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, and bike organisations in the UK, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Our present members ride in from Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, and Warwickshire. The rides we currently have include BMW, Norton, Triumph, Harley Davidson, Aprilia, Armstrong, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, & Honda. These include trikes, sidecar combos, cruisers, naked standard bikes, & sports bikes. The first step to becoming a member is to come to a meeting. Although we have an internet site we are not an internet club.

And because we like doing rallies (& parties, & attending bike shows, etc.) we organised our own rally - the Mabon trad rally.

Upcoming Cernunnos MCC events:
10th May, 1st Beltane Bike Fest - more info
19th September, 14th Mabon Rally - more info

5c0ot3r Boi
A spoof on Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi".
Music by Sons of Sisyphus.
Animation by Otter.
Hosted on youTube

We meet on Thursday evenings from 8pm onwards at the Robin Hood, Clifton Reynes, near Olney in the north-east corner of Buckinghamshire, England, Britain, Europe, Earth.

Cernunnos MCC is affiliated to the NABD (National Association for Bikers with a Disability). They provide all kinds of support for those riders (existing or new) who want to get on the road after accidents or illnesses.

Cernunnos MCC is also affiliated to MAG (Motorcycle Action Group). MAG is a motorcycle riders' rights group in the United Kingdom & was founded in 1973 to protest about the newly-introduced motorcycle helmet law, but over the years it has expanded its remit into many aspects of motorcycle operation in the UK.

If you would like to find out more about the pagan god Cernunnos, and about Mabon, then try the links on this page.

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In 2007, at the beginning of September, Steve Taylor, known to us as Harley Steve, had gone to hospital for a planned heart operation that would've brought some relief from the chest pains that he had been suffering. Unfortunately he suffered a stroke after the operation and never regained consciousness. He died at 6.30am 23rd September 2007.
A big thank you to all of you that came to see Steve off at his funeral on Monday 8th October.
R.I.P. Harley Steve / 1955 - 2007

Recent events added
10-04-2014Blackpool Stanley Park Bike Show
6th July
Blackpool Stanley Park Bike Show

09-04-201424th Summer Rally
26th September
Oddballs Mcc
24th Summer Rally

02-04-2014Spooktacular Weekend
31st October
Unwanted MCC
Spooktacular Weekend

01-04-201423rd Dangermouse Rally
15th August
Dangermouse Rally Club
23rd Dangermouse Rally

30-03-2014Coach and Horses Custom and Classic Bike Show
5th July
Taliesin Brotherhood
Coach and Horses Custom and Classic Bike Show

25-03-2014Pot 'O' Gold
20th June
Suffolk Coasters MCC
Pot 'O' Gold

19-03-2014Ride For Life Beyond Sight Loss
26th July
Ride For Life Beyond Sight Loss

12-03-2014Lincoln Bike Fest
15th June
Lincoln Bike Fest

11-03-201423rd Strange Brew Rally
10th October
Teafolk MCC
23rd Strange Brew Rally
West Yorkshire

11-03-2014'Tarts in Tartan' Rally
23rd May
Fallen Angels
'Tarts in Tartan' Rally

08-03-201412th Charity Rally
25th April
Slappers N Trollops
12th Charity Rally

08-03-2014Buttstock 14
27th June
Get Off Your Butts MCC
Buttstock 14

06-03-2014Annual demo ride and campover
24th May
Leeds MAG
Annual demo ride and campover
West Yorkshire

05-03-2014The Third Slippery Slope Rally
27th June
The Third Slippery Slope Rally

27-02-20141st Just Us And You Rally
26th September
Just Us Rally Club
1st Just Us And You Rally

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